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Tyson to buy Hillshire Farms!!


  It appears Tyson Foods has won a bidding war with Pilgrims Pride to purchase Hillshire Farms. If everything transpires as proposed the $7.7 billion purchase would exceed Shuanghui’s purchase of Smithfield Foods earlier this year.

  泰森食品似乎赢得了与Pilgrims Pride公司对Hillshire Farms的收购竞标。如果最终收购价格是原计划的77亿美元,这将超过今年年初双汇采购史密斯菲尔德食品的价格。

  Hillshire Farms is the maker of Jimmy Dean Sausage, Ball Park Hot Dogs. Tyson’s move will position it strongly in the shelf space prepared breakfast products. Tyson’s acquisition is aggressive and clearly sends the signal Tyson is looking to move from a primary fresh poultry and red meat to added value prepared food.

  Hillshire Farms是Jimmy Dean香肠和Ball Park热狗的制造商。泰森食品的这一举动将会使其占据大量预加工早餐食品的货架空间。泰森的收购积极、清晰地给出了信号,泰森正在从新鲜禽肉和红肉的主业转移到高附加价值的预加工食物。

  For our industry it is a signal that there is luster in the meat protein sector when companies like Tyson and Shuanghui are looking to invest deeply with billions of dollars further in our industry. To us this is positive when what we believe is smart money seeing the long term value in the meat related sector.


World Pork Expo Part II

Genetic Company Merry Go Round


  · June 4 Choice Genetics USA LLC announced they jointly filed a plan of reorganization (Plan) with the Official Committee of Unsecured creditors in the case.

  · 6月4日,美国Choice遗传公司宣布,他们与无担保债权人官方委员会针对这一案件共同提出递交了重组计划。

  · Choice Genetics part of the French owned Groupe Grimaud had filed bankruptcy with debts of $21.8 million, with $14 million due to unsecured creditors and $486,000 in assets.

  · 法国克里莫集团的Choice遗传公司已经因2180万美元的债务申请破产,其中1400万美元由于归属无担保债权人和486000美元的资产。

  · Scidera the major unsecured creditor with over $10 million owed has reached terms of a settlement (this after Scidera had actively sought new stakeholders for Choice Genetics LLC.). The reorganization plan is subjected to approval in the reorganization case.

  · 主要的无担保债权人Scidera有超过1,000万美元债权已达成和解的条件(在Scidera积极为Choice遗传公司寻求新的利益相关者选择遗传有限责任公司股东之后)。重组计划得到重组案件的批准。

  · Choice will then be challenged if proposal is accepted to rebuild their brand, and customer confidence that obviously gets eroded by bankruptcy. Finding new customers having already lost customers during the bankruptcy it will be even harder to find new ones. Tough slugging ahead.

  · 如果提案被采纳以重塑品牌,Choice将受到挑战,客户的信心显然会因破产受到打击。在破产期间已经失去客户的情况下去寻找新的客户将更加艰难。似乎前景艰难。

  · Another announcement about Genetics at the World Pork Expo was the announcement of Topigs and Norsvin two co–ops forming a joint company for international marketing outside Norway (Norsvin) and Topigs (Holland). Interesting development but we have to say we don’t get it. Usually when companies get together it’s for consolidation instead the entity Topigs – Norsvin goes from two companies to three. A competitor’s salesman came up with short name moniker for new joint venture company – Nopigs!

  · 世界猪肉博览会期间与种猪行业相关的另一个消息是,托佩克和Norsvin两家公司共同声明在挪威(Norsvin)和荷兰(托佩克)以外地区组建一家合资公司以应对国际市场。形势看来很有趣,但我们不得不说我们看不懂。通常公司合并是为了更好地团结起来,但托佩克和Norsvin却从两个公司变成了三个公司。竞争对手的销售人员给新的合资公司起了个缩写的绰号——Nopigs(没有猪)!

  · Appears to us Topigs is in charge of deal. Office in Holland. CEO from Holland. Western Hemisphere Manager from Holland. Each company keeping their own breeding lines. We expect after a while the Norwegians will get tired of the Dutch trying to run everything. While PIC buying Genetiporc had real common sense this one we can’t figure out. Time will tell.

  · 在我们看来,应该是托佩克负责具体事务。新公司的办公室设在荷兰,CEO和西半球经理都来自荷兰。两家公司各自保持自己的种猪品系。我们预计过一段时间以后,挪威人会对荷兰人试图运行操作一切的行为感到厌倦。PIC收购吉博克有真正的普遍意义,而我们对于托佩克的这个合并仍弄不清楚。时间会说明一切。

  · Also at World Pork Expo like a phoenix rising from the ashes was a Danbred Exhibit. After being dropped by their franchise in North America, Danbred is trying to re–establish themselves in North America.

  · 此外,丹育参展世界猪肉博览会有点像凤凰涅槃。在放弃在北美的特许经营后,丹育正试图在北美重塑形象。

  · The original Danbred group in Nebraska that morphed into DNA were smart, they made more for their own brand before Danbred created new franchises to compete with them. The Nebraska group stopped building Danbred brand. Now the Danes are looking through the schoolyard fence hoping to get to play. As we said smart move Nebraska group. It helped not only you but all other established North American companies.

  · 内布拉斯加州的原丹育群集团演变成DNA公司是聪明之举,他们在丹育公司创造了新的专营来与他们竞争之前,制造他们的自有品牌。内布拉斯加的这个集团不再塑造丹育品牌。现在,丹麦人都希望穿越障碍来进行竞争。所以我们说内布拉斯加州的公司是聪明之举。这不仅帮助了自己,也帮助了其他所有的北美公司。