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  US Meats Supply & Use


  Last Friday the USDA released their July Meats and Supply Use.




  As you can see Pork and Beef production is to be up about 3.6 pounds per capita year over year. What is interesting is Beef at 54.2 pounds per capita has current beef cut – outs of $2.36 a pound. While pork at 49.9 pounds per capita has cut – outs of 81₵ per pound. Obviously if the pork industry is going to get higher prices for its product it needs to find ways to emulate the taste and flavour of beef. We cannot ignore that wholesale beef is three times the value of pork.

  你可以看到,猪肉和牛肉用量上升了人均约3.6磅。有趣的是,牛肉人均为54.2磅,当前牛肉切块价格为2.36美元/磅。而猪肉人均为49.9磅,当前切 块价格为81美分/磅。显然如果猪肉行业的价格继续走高,它的产品就需要设法效仿牛肉的口感和风味。我们不能忽视,批发牛肉的价格是猪肉的3倍。

  The USDA expects pork exports to be 5.065 billion pounds in 2015. They estimate pork total disappearance to be up 1.5 billion pounds or the equivalency of 7 million hogs. If exports can increase, which we believe will happen with China stepping into the market it will help pull hog prices higher.

  美国农业部预计2015 年的猪肉出口将达到 50.65亿磅。他们估计猪肉总出口量将增加15亿磅,相当于700万头活猪。如果出口量增长,我们相信中国将会进入市场并拉动生猪价格。

  Sexing Technologies Acquires Fast Genetics


  When we first learned the name Sexing Technologies we thought it was part of an elaborate joke. Now to our surprise Sexing Technologies is joining the sexy field of swine genetics companies with the announced agreement last week it had purchased Fast Genetics from HyLife in Canada who’s a major shareholder was the very large Itochu Company of Japan.

  当我们第一次听到性控科技(Sexing Technologies)的公司名称时,我们以为这是精心设计的一个笑话。现在令我们吃惊的性控科技进入种猪公司的性别控制领域,他们上周宣布从加拿大的HyLife手中收购骅氏育种公司(Fast Genetics)。HyLife的大股东是日本的大公司伊藤忠商事。

  Itochu which has continually increased its shareholding in HyLife (production- slaughter plant) is divesting a small piece of their investment portfolio. Big companies either want to be a major player or get out. Itochu wisely has sold a regional player in the swine genetic industry.

  伊藤忠商事株式会社曾不断增加其在HyLife(生产和屠宰厂)的持股, 他们正在从投资组合中剥离很小的一部分。大公司要么成为一个主要参与者,要么就出局。伊藤忠商事明智地将种猪行业的区域参与者出售。

  Sexing Technologies which has been a major player in bovine semen sexing evolution has by purchasing Fast made a move to have a platform to introduce their technology to swine.


  The new CEO of Fast Genetics is a former executive at PIC. We expect they will try to raid PIC’s sales and technology group. Currently Sexing Technologies is embroiled in lawsuits with former customers, a major lawsuit with ABS – a major bovine A.I. supplier which like PIC is owned by Genus. It is so juicy the drama! You sue, I sue, and we buy swine genetic company and compete. 


  Sex sorting technology in our mind will not be a game changer in the swine genetic field. Unlike cattle where in the dairy industry there is a huge value in having the one calf a year be a heifer. The swine industry has a litter. There are more than enough gilts in a litter and a farm to have thousands of females available for breeding stock a year. We do not see any significant economic advantage to have more gilts than barrows (boars). What will the cost be of sex sorting technology versus the benefit? We expect the game is to package Fast – Sexing Technologies into a technology package of to sell to non Ag shareholders. The story could sound good but what is the reality of value.


  We wonder if Sexing Technologies will be like Monsanto, when they were in the swine genetics business trying to patent swine genetic processes. We disagree that live beings of any kind should or could be patented. Monsanto failed, sold out to Choice Genetics and left the business, while Choice subsequently went to Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


  When we read about the lawsuits that Sexing Technologies have had in the cattle industry, it will be wise for anyone who purchases Fast and Sexing Technologies to read the fine print of a contract. Exciting times in the swine genetic business – let the battle continue.

  我们读了性控科技在养牛业的诉讼。任何人收购骅氏和性控科技的人都应该合同的细则,这将是明智之举。这是种猪行业激动人心的时刻 — — 继续战斗吧。

  This coming week we will be speaking at the National Pork Industry Conference in Wisconsin Dells. We will report our observations of the three day event in next week’s commentary.